Our company manufactures multimedia for several multinational companies, our products are already available in 37 countries - and we are expanding. Access to the services of a reliable translation agency is indispensable to our expansion. myTranslator has fulfilled this role in every way for over 3 years, meeting expectations in even the most rushed circumstances. Professional work ethics, and in particular always observing what is a basic expectation in media, the punctual meeting of deadlines - that's why we work with myTranslator.

László Lakits

myTranslator has been a partner for close to 5 years and in addition to completing their assignments promptly and accurately, working together is always easy. With their help, we can provide services that are more comprehensive to our clients and their ongoing updates make it possible to work together as a real team.

Zsiga Bernáthy
art director, solid

We have been working together with myTranslator for over half a year, and continue to rely on them with new assignments. Our experience has shown that they make up a fair, prompt and helpful team. We never had a problem with deadlines or accuracy, and they helped us out by courteously bringing our own errors to our attention. In uncertain situations, they suggested alternatives - their specialized knowledge and perceptiveness won us over.

Róbert Vadász
managing director

myTranslator provided an excellent English instructor for me. By using different methods my interest and motivation was always peaked. She easily adjusted to my business English level and brought out the best in me. I felt myself improving after a few months.

Jamel Mechentel
sales manager, HRem

I always enjoyed working with myTranslator and especially with Györgyi Hidasi. Their turnaround time is in harmony with what my quickly growing firm needs and I know that they will hand over a reliable, quality translation.

Stuart McAlister
managing director
Inter Relocation Group

myTranslator always provided our firm with precise, error free translations for our English language professional telephone book listings and website. Working together always went smoothly and has been trouble free over the past 4 years not to mention the consistently prompt and even occasional receipt of assignments before the deadline. Besides their services, I was hooked by the colleagues' kindness, a rare gift in today's world.

Marianna Felkai

Their company addresses our requests helpfully and with appropriate professionalism, and always executed our orders promptly and dependably. That we can depend on their work in times of urgency is a big help.

dr. Orsolya Gresz
Madarassy Legal Office

Our firm works with the development of patented dr Sprout products and its expansion into European commerce. For us, it is important that the translation be impeccable but at the same time, ready as quickly as possible. We have only worked with myTranslator for the past 3 months, but we have relied on them for translation in several languages in a specialized health related niche - thus far, they have proven that they are leaders in language provision. They assembled a specialized team just for us to meet our specifications and we feel that they are like our own translation agency.

Emese Gömöry
managing director
dr Sprout | Living Food International


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